Hi everybody! Hope you have been enjoying the program. Before I post the playlists for the last two shows I wanted to tell you about two websites I have found. The first is www.chaifm.com This is a radio station in Johannesburg, South Africa featuring lots of good Jewish programming. The second is a more obscure website that features lots of information about many Jewish artists heard regularly on Washington Jewish Radio. There is biographical and other information but unfortunately, most of the site is in Russian! Now if you speak Russian you’re “in like flint”. If you don’t at least you can read the English parts. The website can be accessed at yiddishmusic.jewniverse.info  So be sure to check them out.


V’Havieinu L’Tzion-Yosef Gottesman-1984

L’Cho Dodi-Ilu’Im-1975

Shaarm El Sheikh-Ron Eliran-1973

Sha, Sha Der Rebbe Geht (Quiet, the Rabbi is going)-Hymie and Irving Jacobson-1937

Hisyatsevu-Avrohom Fried-1995

Mazzel-Mike Burstein-1974

Mein Teireh Jackeleh (My Dear Jack)-Jacob Jacobs-1947

Along Came Moish (Spoof of The Coasters hit “Along Came Jones”)-1984

Simen Tov-Mordechai Ben David-1985

Achas Shoalty-Tzlil V’Zemer Choir-1983

On the Cantorial Feature two great selections by the late Bas Sheva (1935-1960) a woman famous for her renditions of cantorials. From her famous Capitol album made in 1953:

1. Sim Sholom

2.Mi Sheoso Nissim

Vi’yiten L’Cho-Leibele Hashel-1993

Ben’s selections for this program are:

Lev Tahor-613

Acheinu Kol Beis Yisroel-Beri Webber

Adon Olam-Hello, Sid

Al Ahavot Shelanu-Ofra Haza

Eshet Chayil-Blue Fringe

Jerusalem, If I Forget You-Matisyahu

Matt’s song of the week is: Im Eshkokeich Yerushalayim-Yaakov Shwekey



Yishlach Ezrecho MiKoidesh-Cantor Ben Zion Miller-1977

Hayom Yivoda-Mendy Wald-1997

Kaleidoscope-Shlomo Gronisch and Dafna Armoni-1981

Excerpt from program in honor of Lincoln’s birthday with Molly Picon and Seymour Rechtzeit from “Jewish American Cavalcade Of Stars”-aircheck of live broadcast on WABC New York-1937

Befi Yesharim-Simchatone-1973

Tallis-Ira Heller-1990

Hit Me With Your Best P’Shat (Spoof of Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”)-Kesher-1985

Into The Sea (Spoof of song “Return To The Sea” from the film “The Little Mermaids”)-Shlock Rock-1997

Hevenu Shalom Aleichem-Eartha Kitt (1927-2008)

Tu B’Shvat-Shlock Rock-1997

Zing Mein Hartz (Sing My Heart)-Fay Nicoll-1984

On the Cantorial feature, two very nice selections by Cantor Shabsai Ackerman (1914-2007) from a very fine 1958 Tikva album with the choir of Oscar Julius (1903-1986)

1. Ki Lekach Tov

2.Ve-Ha’arev No

Ben’s selections for this program are:

Papa Was A Rolling Stone-Sam Glaser

Z’Chor-Beri Webber

Mi Adir/Mi Bon Siach-613 and the 8th Day Band

L’olam Bei-ekvot HaShemesh-Sherry

Ben Bag Bag Omer-Yaakov Shwekey

V’Shomru-Blue Fringe


I hope you enjoy these programs. Lots of great music for you to enjoy. Be sure to forward the website to everyone you know so they can enjoy the program as well. Thanks again for your support!! We appreciate it very much!!