Hi Everybody!! Hope you are enjoying the show. Here are the playlists for the last two shows, including the show of March 4th, our special show for Purim:


U’vo Hu’ovdim-Mordechai Ben David-1980

Zeh Shir Shevach-Michoel Streicher-1995

Ani Oseh Li Manginot-Sexta Group-1981

Bagels And Lox-Eddie “Rochester” Anderson-1948

Ich Zing (I Sing)-Yisroel Yitzchaky-1964

Chemdat Yamim-Duo Reim-1973

Kosher Cake (Spoof of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”)-2012

The Coladas (Spoof of Rupert Holmes “Pina Colada Song”)-2010

Kuh Keili-Yehuda!-2002

Bravo, Bravo-Rabbi Lazar Halberstam-1962

Mi Shenichnas Adar-Purim Songs-1982

On the Cantorial Feature two very nice selections by the late Cantor Johnny Gluck (1948-1985) who officiated in Johannesburg and recorded these in South Africa in 1982:

1. Ad Heino

2.Uv’Nucho Yomar

Ben’s songs on the program:

Shalom Rav/Im Tirtzu-Sam Glaser

Yesh B’Od Koach-Idan Rachel Project

Hinei Keil Yeshuosi-Neshoma Carlebach and the Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir

V’Zakeini-Baruch Levine

Yachad-Kobe Peretz and Ishtar Al Habina

Shtayim BaLailah-Moshe Peretz



We have collected the best in Purim music spanning the last 80 years for you to enjoy!!

Al Hanisim-Amudai Shaish Boys Choir-1978

Queen (Spoof of Taylor Swift’s “Mean”)-2012

Ani Purim-Israeli Children’s Choir-1980

Yom Tov Lanu-Oznat Paz-1980

A Gut Purim, Yid’n-Kapelye-1981

Chag Purim-Jack Elliott Orchestra and Chorus-1960

Purim Lied (Purim Song)-Cantor Moshe Ganchoff-WEVD, New York aircheck, 1951

Purim-Paul Zim-1985

Opening portion of “Purim In Story And Song”-Rabbi Robert Schenkerman-1956

Shoshannas Yaacov-Ruach Orch.-1977

Purim Parade-Safam-1976

Achashveirosh-Shlock Rock-1987

La’Yehudim Oyso Ohrah-Ben Zion Shenker-1980

Purim-Ray Middleton-1954

Der Heiliger Purim (The Holy Purim)-Ludwig Satz-1924

Al Hanisim-Mordechai Ben David-1975

THREE SELECTIONS FROM “THE MEGILLAH OF ITZAK MANGER” starring the Bursteins and recorded in 1964:

Der Fetter Mordechai Heist (Uncle Mordechai Says)



Ben’s songs on the program:

Groggers Up! (Spoof of “Bottoms Up!” by Nicki Minaj)-Young Israel Of Toco Hills

Raise Your Glass (Spoof of “Raise Your Glass” by Pink)-Maccabeats

The Haman Rap-Matt Barr

Purim Night (Spoof of “Black Or White” by Michael Jackson)-Aspen Jewish Congregation

U’Mordechai Yatza Lifnei HaMelech-Jeremy Gaisin


Enjoy and remember that Washington Jewish Radio has special programs for every holiday for you to enjoy. We have music you can’t hear anywhere else. Don’t forget to forward the website to everyone you know and keep in touch with us!!