This morning I received a very nice phone call from Dr. Steve Reznick, whose father Max Reznick (1920-1987) hosted “The Max Reznick Show” here in Washington from 1947 until shortly before his passing in 1987.  He was a friend of my father’s for many years and I met him as a child. He was one of the reasons I became interested in Jewish radio. His Sunday morning show was a staple in thousands of homes in the DC area, including mine. When I got older and got interested in the technical aspects of radio, he entrusted me with the job of re-recording his 78 collection onto tape so he could continue to use them after the 78 turntables were removed from the studio.  When I got my own show, he taught me a lot about the business of running a show and we also worked together in our shul, Beth Sholom. He passed away in November of 1987. It was so nice to hear from his son, who found the show on the internet. There are precious few airchecks of Max’s program. He was not what we call a “saver”. As soon as one show was done, he was on to the next one. I will try to post some of the excerpts I have so you can hear for yourself. Although the passage of time has dimmed the memory of his program and its great influence here in Washington, I will always do what I can on my show to keep his memory alive. May his memory be for a blessing.


L’Keil Asher Shevach-Mordechai Ben David-1984

Tantz-Avrohom Fried-2001

LaShir Yaldah-Geula Gill-1973

Meheiroh-Rabbi Chaim Banet-1985

Two selections for my daughter Shayna on the occaision of her 14th birthday on March 10th:

1. My Mother’s Sabbath Candles-Sophie Tucker-1948

2. My Yiddishe Maydeleh-Jan Peerce-1964

This Shul’s Not Made For Talking (spoof of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walking”)-Variations-2000

Kurrybone (spoof of Jimmie Rodgers “Honey Comb”)-Country Yossi-1984

Moses At Mount Sinai-Cantor Leibele Waldman-1956

Kodesh Hi Lachem-Simcha Weber-1997

The Cantorial Feature has two very nice selections by Cantor Moshe Schulhof, famous for decades for officiating around the world. These selections are from a 1980 recording and are both famous Cantorial/Choral compositions:

1. Kodosh (Shabbos Musaf) by Duniaevsky

2.Umipney Chatoeinu (Yom Tov Musaf) by Weintraub

Ben’s selections on the program are:

Mi Ma’akim-Idan Rachel Project

Bilvovi-Amudai Shaish Boys Choir

Adon Olam-Hello Sid

Theme Song from “The Magnificent Seven” by famed composer Elmer Bernstein (1922-2004)

Bo’ee-Idan Rachel Project

Yehi Sholom-Yaakov Shwekey


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