Hi everybody!! Another great regular show is up on the net for you to enjoy. But before that I wanted to mention another great website that I mentioned on the air and I said I would put it in the blog. I am sure if you are regular listeners to the show you will no doubt be familiar with the great Cantor Leibele Waldman (1907-1969). He was the only Cantor of the “Golden Age” to be born in America and he really used the expanding American media very well. He made countless recordings, appeared constantly on the radio and in films.  Now his son, Cantor Harvey Waldman has created a website about his father. It has great information and rare videos and recordings. It can be accessed at leibelewaldman.blogspot.com. Check it out. I think you will like it!!

Now here is the playlist for this week’s show:


Yehay Ravo-Avrohom Fried-1983

Yibuneh Hamikdosh-Belz Chassidic Choir-1984

Shir Tammim-Gali Atari-1975

Watch Your Step-Klezmer Conservatory Band-1991

Avinu AvHarachamon-Jo Amar-1969

It’s All Mishegas To Me (Spoof of Billy Joel’s “It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me”)-Variations-2005

Oh Boy-Allan Sherman-1962


Yiddish Medley-Jack Hilliard-1964

Shabbos Yerushalayim-Miami Boys Choir-1988

The Cantorial Feature has two great selections by the legendary Cantor and star of the Metropolitan Opera Richard Tucker (1913-1975):

1. Havdoloh-1947

2. Ribono Shel Olam-1957


Esso Einai El HeHorim (2 ways)-Sam Glaser

Ani Yehudi-30 different artists conducted by Lenny Solomon of “Shlock Rock”

B’Chantuna-Maidad Tassa

Shalom-Shir Soul

Amein-Yeshiva Boys Choir

Cry No More-Yaakov Shwekey

Matt’s song of the week is “Back To Jerusalem” by the Idan Rachel Project

A great and varied show for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to forward the website to everyone you know. Spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio. On next week’s show our special Mother’s Day program. More about that next week. Mother’s Day always very special because the very first broadcast of “The Jewish Music Hall’ the predecessor to Washington Jewish Radio first went on the air on Mother’s Day, May 18, 1980.