Hi everybody!! Hope you had a very happy Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is very special on Washington Jewish Radio. It was Mother’s Day, 1980 when “The Jewish Music Hall” first went on the air. And we are now, 32 years later, still bringing great Jewish music to you, now around the world on the net!!

The Mother’s Day show is a great one, featuring some of the world’s most famous entertainment personalities in rare music from a bygone era. And the same time,  Ben and Matt bring the same message of Mother’s Day with new and exciting music. And during the show, Ben and Matt will pay tribute to their mother, Shari and I will pay tribute to my mother, Roslyn Shor (1936-2001) of blessed memory. So I hope you enjoy it!! Here is the playlist for this week’s show:


Remember Mother’s Day-Al Jolson-1948

Mama (reworking in Yiddish of the famous Italian song of the same name)-The Barry Sisters-1962

Sabbath Prayer-Fiddler On The Roof-1964

Eishet Chayil-Cantor Paul Kowarsky-1978

A Call From Long Island-You Don’t Have To Be Jewish-1964

Hello, Mama-George Jessel-1937

A Briveleh Der Mamen (A Letter To Mother)-Paul Zim-1988

Go See Your Mother-Megama-1980

My Mother’s Sabbath Candles-Sophie Tucker with the Marlin Sisters and Jimmy Carroll Orch.-1949

Momeleh-Marilyn Michaels-1979

My Mother’s Eyes-George Jessel-1929

Dermont A Mol Der Mamen (Remember At Times Your Mother)-Alex Silverstein-1912

My Yiddishe Mama-Sophie Tucker-1937


Va’ani-Berry Webber

Adon Olam-Yeshiva Boys Choir

Shalom, Salaam, Peace-Hadag Nachash

Beautiful World-Sam Glaser-Matt joins Ben on this selection in tribute to their mother, to Shari

Mamma Rochel-Yaakov Shwekey



All in all, a great show for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to forward the program to everyone you can. Spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio!!