Hi everybody!! Sorry for the delay in getting this post up, but we got slammed, but good, from the storms that ravaged the Washington, DC area this past week. We lost power, trees down, a big mess!! But fortunately, we are back to normal and there is lots of great radio to share with you. So listen and enjoy!!

PROGRAM OF JULY 1, 2012   Our special 4th of July program featuring great music and we open up the treasure trove of vintage Jewish radio broadcast recordings. It’s living American Jewish history!!

Hester Days-Paul Zim-1981

World Of Our Fathers-Safam-1980

G-d Bless America-This is the first time the great Kate Smith introduced this song which was given to her by its composer, Irving Berlin. From the “Kate Smith Hour’ heard on the CBS radio network on November 10, 1938

An excerpt from “The Jazz Singer” heard on the “Lux Radio Theater” as Al Jolson reprises his role from the first talking picture, in which he had starred 20 years before. Heard on the CBS radio network on June 2, 1947

An excerpt from an album called “The American Jewish Experience In Song” from 1976. It featured a section on Yiddish radio which you will hear, including the news in Yiddish-from 1936!!!

Opening signature of the “American Jewish Hour” heard on WHN  in New York and “The Bridegroom Special” with legendary Jewish clarinetist Dave Tarras. From a 1939 broadcast.

Opening signature of a 1939 broadcast of “Yiddish Swing Time” heard on WHN in New York and a nice patriotic song sung by Allan Chester called “Faithful To America”. Sponsored by Edelstein’s Tuxedo Brand cheese and their spokescow “Moo-tilda”. Lots of fun to listen to!

Opening signature of a 1941 broadcast of “Yiddish Swing Time” heard on WHN in New York with another great patriotic song called “United We Stand” sung by the Barry Sisters and Jan Bart.  Also you will hear the original commercials for Manischewitz Matzos.

Opening signature of a 1939 broadcast of “Bei Tateh Mameh’s Tish” (At Mother and Father’s Table) produced and directed by Nuchem Shtutskoff heard on WEVD in New York. Included in this excerpt are the original commercials in Yiddish, for Manischewitz Matzos.

An excerpt from “The American-Jewish Cavalcade Of Stars” heard on WABC in New York from 1937 featuring Molly Picon, Seymour Rechtzeit and Allen Phillips singing a great patriotic song called “My America’s Free”.

Opening signature of the Cantorial program on WEVD in New York from 1950 featuring legendary Cantor Moishe Oysher.

Opening signature and first portion of “His Excellency Of Vilna” a story about the Vilna Gaon heard on “The Eternal Light” heard on NBC. From a 1951 broadcast.

A great commercial for Manischewitz wine from 1960.

Opening signature of “The Max Reznick Show” heard in Washington from 1947 to 1987. This excerpt is from a 1982 broadcast.


Millenium-Kenny G

Star Spangled Banner-Josh Groban

America-Neil Diamond

Armed Forces Medley-US Army Band

We Didn’t Start The Fire-Billy Joel

We Are America-Sam Glaser

To close out the show Ben and Matt present a wonderful version of “The Star Spangled Banner” by Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians from the Fox Movietone newsreel from 1942.


We all hope you enjoy this very special program. Let us know how you like it. Don’t forget to pass the website info along to everyone you know. Help spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio!!