Hi everybody!! Two more great shows are up on the net for you to enjoy! The Three Weeks are upon us and we have some special music for that and lots of other great things for you to enjoy! Here are the playlists for the shows of July 8 and July 15. Listen and enjoy!!


Habeit Mishomayim Urei-Mordechai Ben David-1980

The Voice-Yisroel Williger-1996

Ein Li Ish Milvadi-Tzvika Pick-1979

Eili, Eili-Johnny Mathis-1958

Emunah-Lenny Solomon-1988-Played in memory of former Prime Minister of Israel Yitzchak Shamir

Ono B’Koach-Rabbi’s Sons-1968

Ma Tovu-Avi Kunstler-1984

A Letter To Moshiach-Meir Sherman-1981

Racheim-Cantor Jacob Barkin with the National Symphony Orchestra-recorded live in Washington in 1952

Shomer Yisroel-Eli Gerstner

The Cantorial Feature has two selections by the famous Cantor Henoch Borenstein, who davvened in Philadelphia for many years and passed away in 2002.  He is accompanied by the famous Abraham Nadel Choir and the selections were recorded in 1971.

1. Ma Tovu

2. Sim Sholom

Ben’ selections on the program are as follows:

Gam Ki Eilech-The Chevra


V’Hoyu Limshiso-613

Papa Was A Rolling Stone-Sam Glaser

Shibchi-Pei Daled

Z’Chor-Berry Webber



Zeh Hayom-Belz Chassidic Choir-1983

Lo Yisa Goy-Tz’lil V’Zemer Boys Choir-1992

Loo Yehi-Chava Alberstein-1973

Eli, Eli-Perry Como-1952

We Are Not Alone-Ira Heller-1993

Mein Zaydn’s Cholom (My Dream Of Grandpa)-Cantor Leibele Waldman-1956

Acheinu Kol Beis Yisroel-Cantor Yaakov Motzen-1993

Two very nice selections for Shari for her birthday which she celebrated on July 12th:

1. Sabbath Prayer-The Barry Sisters-1966

2. My Lover, My Wife-Sol Zim-1979

The Cantorial feature has two great selections by Cantor Chaim Adler who is the Cantor of the Great Synagogue Of Jerusalem. The selections are taken from a 1991 concert in Israel which commemorated the 25th yahrtzeit of Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky. Cantor Adler is accompanied by the Tel Aviv Symphony Orchestra:

1. Mogein Ovos

2. Hashem Moloch Geh’us

Ben’s selections on the program are as follows:

Hineni-Berry Webber

Ha Kodosh-Yaakov Shwekey

L’Olam B’Eikvot HaShemesh-Sherry-This dedicated to his mom, to Shari for her birthday.

Im Eshkokeich Yirushalayim-The Chevra

Lev Tahor-613

Matt’s song of the week is also dedicated to his mom. It is the famous Eidan Rachel hit, “Mi Ma’akim”.

So much great music for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to forward the website to everyone you know and help us to spread the word about Washington Jewish Radio. Thanks for listening!!