Hi everybody! Hope everyone got through The Three Weeks and Tisha B’Av in a good manner. Now that it’s behind us now we have the special Shabbos Nachamu Weekend edition of Washington Jewish Radio up on the net for you to enjoy. It’s a great program of upbeat, happy and inspiring music. And comedy makes its comeback as well.  We hope you enjoy it!  Here is the playlist for the program:


Nachamu, Nachamu Ami-Safam-1995

Ki V’Simcho-New York School Of Jewish Song-1975

Kumt Shoyn Shnell Arein (May The Messiah Come Quickly)-Miami Boys Choir-1993

Ahavah Rishonim-Achim V’Achayot (The Brothers And The Sisters)-1974

Yossel Ber-Ben Bonus-1958

My Zelda (spoof of Harry Belanfonte’s “Matilda”)-Allan Sherman-1962

Wings Of An Eagle (spoof of Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like An Eagle”)-Shlock Rock-2012

Haim Afen Range (spoof of “Home On The Range”)-Mickey Katz-1948-His very first recording!

Kol Tz’Holo-Ben Zion Shenker-1971

In honor of the Siyum HaShas held in New York on August 1st, we present a rare excerpt of the Siyum held in 1982 with part of a speech by the Klausenberger Rebbe, Z’TL (1905-1994).

The Cantorial Feature has two very nice selections by the great Chazzan Moishe Oysher (1907-1958):

1. Aneinu (Answer Us O L-rd) recited on fast days. This was left over from the Tisha B’Av program where time constraints did not allow time to play it.  This recording is taken directly from the soundtrack of the film “Overture To Glory” which starred Oysher and was released in 1940.

2.Shema Yisroel (Hear O Israel). In honor of the reading of the Parsha V’Eschanan last Shabbos where the words of the Shema are first uttered by Moses here is a fabulous Cantorial rendition of the Shema from the Shabbos Musaf service, which was added to the davvening in the 5th Century! This was recorded in 1954.


Wherever You Go, There’s Always Someone Jewish-Rabbi Larry Milder


L’Cho Adoshem Hagedulo-Chevra

Al Ahavot Shelanu-Ofra Haza

Mehayra-AKA Pella

Amein-Yeshiva Boys Choir

Matt’s song of the week is a very nice version of “Ko Ribon Olam” by Cantor Meir Finkelstein together with Cantor Udi and Varda Spielman from a 2009 concert in Boca Raton, Florida.

A great show for you to enjoy. Please forward the website to everyone you can. Help spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio. Thanks again for listening!!