Hi everybody! The program for Sunday, August 12th is up on the net for your enjoyment. A regular edition of the program as we wend our way through the rest of the summer with the holidays on the horizon. Here is the playlist for this week’s program:


Lo Sevoishi-Cantor Ari Klein-1980

V’Sein Buni-Nidvornoh Chassidic Songs-1987

U’Matok Ha’or B’Eynayim-Sassi Keshet-1974

Wedding In Biro Bidzhan-Itzik Feffer-1943-Itzik Feffer was a famous Yiddish writer in the Soviet Union. He was murdered, along with 23 other writers, poets and other intellectuals in the dread Lubyanka Prison in Moscow 60 years ago today on August 12, 1952 during the Stalinist purges.

L’Cho Anu Shiroh-Choni Grunblatt-2012

The Rabbi (spoof of the Kenny Rogers hit, “The Gambler”)-Country Yossi-1984

Everlasting Love (spoof of the Carl Carleton hit of the same name)-Variations-1990

On this morning’s program we wish Ben a very happy 22nd birthday with two very nice selections:

1. That’s My Boy-Sol Zim-1985

2. Hinei Ma Tov-Cantor Meir Finklestein-1998

On the Cantorial Feature we hear two selections by the late Cantor Jordan Cohen (1930-1970) famous in the Chicago area as was his father. He unfortunately passed away in 1970 at the untimely age of 40. These two selections are from a 1966 album recorded in Chicago:

1. Ono B’Koach

2. Ki Chol Peh

Ben’s selections on the program are as follows:

Good Shabbos-613

Ah Ah Ah (Ashrei)-Yeshiva Boys Choir


One Day-Matisyahu and Akon

We Stand As One-Voices For Israel

Racheim-Hazkenny Voices

Matt rounds out the show with a birthday song for his brother “Hinei Ma Tov” by the Miami Boys Choir.

All in all, a great show for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to forward the website to as many people as you can. The more the better! Help spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio!!