Hi everybody! Today’s broadcast is up on the net for you to enjoy. A regular edition of the program for you to enjoy. The summer is winding down and soon the holiday season will be upon us. But more about that later. For today, enjoy a nice program of great music. I will post the holiday schedule of programming shortly. In the meantime, listen and enjoy!!


Meheyra Hashem-Vizhnitz Chassidic Choir-1977

Ki V’Simcho-Kesher-1986

Hopkeleh-Seymour Rechtzeit-1949

Excerpt from the program “Vistas Of Israel” broadcast by the Israeli Broadcasting Authority and syndicated in the United States. From a 1950 broadcast the legendary Shoshanna Damari and two very nice selections, “Orchov Bamidbor” and “MiTzfat”.

Achas Shoalty-Cantor David and Mordechai Ben David Werdyger-1977

Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdof-Safam-1998

Don’t Holler-Harry Ritz-1957

Leaving the USSR (spoof of the Beatles “Back In The USSR”)-Shlock Rock-1996

Ano Avdoh-Michoel Streicher-2000

Heiliger Shabbos (Holy Sabbath)-Schwebel, Scharf and Levine-1998

On the Cantorial feature two great Cantorials by Sol Zim from his 1982 album “The Joy Of Cantorial Prayer”

1. Shema Yisroel

2.Ani Ma’amin

Tzivchu Tzivchei Tzedek-Chabad Nigunim-1978


Im Eshkokeich Yirushalayim-Chevra

Shiru Baboker Baboker-Shlomo Artzi

A Chupah-Berry Webber

Lechi Lach-Debbie Friedman

Ten Lo-Yaakov Shwekey

Ani Keraticha-Eli and Yaakov Mordechai Gerstner

All in all, a great show for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to forward the website to as many people as you can. Spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio!!