Hi everybody! I hope you are enjoying the program each week. We have received so many nice comments and I urge you to write in and let us know how you are enjoying the show. The last two shows have lots of great music and here is a description of each in detail:

NOVEMBER 6, 2011

Adon Olam-Shmilu Rosenberg-1982

Dos Shabbes Koidesh Leed (The Song of the Holy Shabbos)-Skulaner Nigunim with Rabbi Abish Brodt-1997

Im Yipol HaKochav Sheli (If it will be under our star)-Ilanit-1974 Israeli Song Festival

Od Yishoma-Miami Boys Choir-1996

Lech L’Cha-by Safam and based on the week’s Torah portion-1978

The Shteeble Hop (spoof of the “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett) done by Country Yossi. Our one and only song for Halloween!-1984

Jacks and the Draidel-based on the famous Harry Chapin song “Cats In The Cradle”-1996

Hit Oup Dos Bisele Koiach (Protect Your Little Bit of Strength)-Reb Yankel Erblich-1995

The Cantorial feature has two very nice selections by Cantor Naftali Herstik recorded in 1973 when he was in London. “V’Shomru V’nei Yisroel Es HaShabbos” (The Children Of Israel Shall Keep The Shabbos) and ‘Oz B’koil Rash G’dol” (Then the angels With A Great Sound).

Ben’s selections include:613’s medley of V’zakeini and Vehi Sheumdoh, Eishet Chayil (woman of valor) by Yaakov Shweckey. Od yishoma, from the wedding blessings by Eden, Im Eshkokaich Yerushalayim (If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem by Israeli artist DJ PM, a nice version of Havdalah by Sam Glazer and the Simcha Medley by Pey Dalid.

Matt’s song of the week is done in conjunction with the old man. Matt and I will demonstrate how a German song about Genghis Khan by a group of the same name became Mordechai Ben David’s monster hit “Kimt A heim (Jews come home) about the coming of the Messiah. Showing how Jewish music can come from just about anywhere!!

November 2nd was Matt’s 18th birthday and we have a special song by the legendary Jan Peerce called “Meyerke Mein Zun” (Little Meir My Son) dedicated to Matt, whose Hebrew name is Meir Reuvain.

All in all, a great and interesting show for you to enjoy!! Let us know what you think!!



On November 12th Shari and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary, so as is the custom, a special program featuring lots of different and interesting music about weddings and anniversaries:

Same Time Next Year (Happy Anniversary)-Meir Finklestein-1998

Dodi Li (I am my beloved)-Safam-1995

Wedding Dance-Marlin Sisters-1949

Comedy with the “Wedding Song” by Journeys-1996 and “Here Is The Bride, But Where Is The Groom” by the great star of the Yiddish and American theaters Jennie Goldstein (1896-1960) recorded in 1947.

With this Gold Ring-Safam-1999

Mehairoh (from the wedding blessings)-Belz Chassidic Choir-1983

The Simcha Song-Miami Boys Choir-1997

Three great selections from the movies:  Jane Morgan sings “Marry Me, Marry Me” from the film of the same name directed by the great French Jewish director and producer Claude Berri (1934-2009). Julie Andrews and her famous Yiddish song “Trinkt L’Chaim” from the 1967 film “Throughly Modern Millie”, released in 1967 and the all time classic from Al Jolson (1886-1950) from the film “The Jolson Story” released in 1946, the immortal “Anniversary Song”.

The Cantorial feature has the great chazzan Mordechai Hershman (1888-1940) singing what else? The Wedding Blessings recorded in 1930.

Ben’s songs include:

Mi Adir (from the wedding blessings)-Yaakov Shwekey

Shlomo Artzi-Shir Baboker Baboker (Song of the morning)

Ani K’Rosicho-Shlomo Mordechai and Eli Gerstner

Yeshivish Mix-Pei Daled

Musical Medley-613


Matt’s song of the week brings a tear to the old man’s eye as he plays the great Melissa Manchester song “Through The Eyes Of Love” from the 1982 film “Ice Castles” which was Shari’s and my song from our wedding. Very sentimental!!


So there you have it. A very nice show as we celebrate with you our listeners who are really like our family.  Please write to us and let us know how you are enjoying the show. Your comments are always very much appreciated!!  Thanks for listening!!