Hi Everybody! Hope you have been enjoying the show each week. We have been putting together some very nice and varied shows for you. Lots of different types of Jewish music for you to enjoy. We will be having two special shows for Chanukah which will air in December. More about that later. In the meantime we have more very fine shows to detail for you. Listen and enjoy!


Hallelu Es Hasheim (Hallel)-The Rabbi’s Sons-1967 (great early Chassidic music)

Brochos V’ Hodos (Prayer of Thanksgiving)-Lipa Schmelzcer-1998

Shir L’Erev HaChag (Song of the day before the Holiday)-1971 Israeli Song Festival-Miri Aloni

Oyf’n Veg Shtet A Boim (On the way stands a tree)-Moishe Oysher-radio broadcast recording c. 1950

Der Scotchman Fun Orchard Street-Menasha Skulnick-1947

Abarbanel (Spoof of the Beach Boys “Barbara Ann”)-Shlock Rock-1989

Kol Tz’Holo-Ben Zion Shenker-1971

Torah Tzivo Lonu (The Torah which Hashem gave to Moses)-Chabad Nigunim-1974

Now I Have Everything (Fiddler On The Roof)-Barry Sisters-1966

B’nei Veischo (Rebuild Your House)-Israeli Chassidic Festival-1986

CANTORIAL FEATURE-Presenting two selections by the legendary Cantor Gershon Sirota (1874-1943) who perished in the Warsaw Ghetto. Once known as the “Cantor of Warsaw” he was known around the world! We present two extremely rare selections recorded in Warsaw in the late 1920’s:

Shomoh Vatismach Tzion (Zion Will Hear And Be Glad)-Psalm 97

Ha’azinu Elokim T’filosi (Listen, O G-d, To My Prayer)-Psalm 55


Ben’s selections include the great hit “MiMa’akim” by the Eidan Rachel Project, Yehei Shlomo Rava by the Chevra, Hinei Ma Tov (Psalm 133) by the group 613, Lipa Schmelzcer singing his original song “Gelt” from the HASC festival. Also featuring the famous composer Randy Edelman and his famous “The Dragon’s Heartbeat”. Ben rounds out his selections with Israeli singer Maidad Tassa and “Shema Yisroel”

Matt’s song of the week is the title track “It’s About You” from the album by one of our favorite groups Hello Sid.

Lots of great music for you to enjoy. More to come soon. In the meantime please pass along the website to your friends and spread the word about Washington Jewish Radio. Thanks again for the many compliments that we have received!