Hi everybody!! This week’s program is up on the net. It was our first regular show in about four weeks! This week we present a “regular” program. Lots of great music for you to enjoy. Here is the playlist for the show:


Ano Avdoh-Something Yeshivish (Sheya Mendlowitz Orch.)-1984

Uvo Hu’Ovdim-Avromi Flam-1995

Ahava Rishonim-HaAchim V’Hachayot-1974

A Meydeleh Fin Tel Aviv-Max Perlman-1960

Russishe Sher-Kandel’s Orchestra-1918

49 Days To Count The Omer-Shlock Rock-1998

Hersheleh At The Boilesque-Mickey Katz-1951

We Need You-Miami Boys Choir-1988

Cuando Rey Nimrod (Ladino)-New York School Of Jewish Song-1988

Uvney Yerushalayim-Avi Kunstler-1984

Hineni Munchon U’Mezumon-Cantor Leibele Waldman-1948

Hashomayim Shomayim Ladoshem-Cantor Leibele Waldman-1949

Hallelu-Cantor David Werdyger-1966


Ben’s selections on this week’s show are:

Mimkomcho-Yaakov Shwekey

Z’Chor-Berry Webber

Al Ahavot Shelanu-Ofra Haza

Yeshiva Mix-Pei Daled

Elokim Natan L’Cho B’Matena-Eitan Masouri

One Day-Matisyahu

Rounding out the show is Matt’s song of the week. This week Matt features AKA Pella singing “U’Macha” a reworking of Scorpion’s famous “Winds Of Change”.  A great show for you to enjoy!!!

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