Hi Everybody!! The Shavuos program is up on the net for you to enjoy. Lots of fine and rare music to add something special to your enjoyment of this great holiday. We moved this show back so we could have it up for you before YomTov. Hope you enjoy it!!


Ato Vechartonu-Ben Zion Shenker-1980

V’Somachto B’Chagecho-Tzlil V’Zemer Choir-1990

Torah, Torah MiSinai-Cantor Ben Zion Miller-1977

Torah Tzivoh Lonu-Baltimore Pirchei Choir-1978

K’Ish Echod, B’Lev Echod-Shloime Dachs-1999

The Place Where I Belong-Journeys-1984

All Night Long (Spoof of the Lionel Richie hit of the same name)-Shlock Rock-1989

Boruch Haboh-Amudai Shaish Choir-1977

T’ka and V’Koreiv P’Zurenu-Cantor Moishe Oysher-taken from a radio broadcast in the New York area-c. 1950

Shavuos-Ten Jewish Holy Days In Song with Ray Middleton-1954

Dee Toireh-Avrohom Fried-1992

Ki Mitziyon-Eartha Kitt-1958

The Cantorial feature has two very nice selections from the Yom Tov davvening:

1. Uv’Nucho Yomar-Cantor Moshe Taube with the Beth Abraham Youth Chorale recorded live in concert in Dayton, Ohio in 1975

2. V’Seorav Alecho Asirosaynu-Cantor Shabsai Ackerman (1914-2007) with the Oscar Julius Choir


B’oee V’Sholom-Yaakov Shwekey

Mi Shebayrach-Debbie Friedman

Boruch Hashem-Yeshiva Boys Choir

Havdoloh-Sam Glaser

All in all a very nice show for you to enjoy for the holiday. On next week’s show we will take of that which we had to set aside to get the Shavuos programming in before yuntif.  We will have special music for Yom Yerushalayim and the American Memorial Day, with lots of treasures from the old time radio files. You won’t want to miss it! Ben will put it up on the net Monday night right after the end of the holiday.

In the meantime, pass the website along to everyone you can. Thanks for your support and spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio!!