Hi Everybody!! This morning’s broadcast of June 24, 2012 is up on the net for your enjoyment. We also have another video clip from the show. It’s just a little excerpt from the show. Hope you take a look!  In the meantime here is the playlist for the show:


Mitzvoh Gedolah-Shelly Lang-1983

Shir Chadash-Craig Taubman-1998

Derech Arucha-Gali Atari-1982

Petrograd-Aaron Lebedeff-1929

My Fellow Jew-Avrohom Fried-2001

Bless This House-Cantor Michael Hammerman-1971

All We’ve Got Is Our Good Name (spoof of Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name”)-Shlock Rock-2012

Let’s Call The Holy Rov (spoof of George Gershwin’s “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off”)-Rechnitzer Rejects-1985

Bar Mitzvah (spoof of The Carpenters “Sittin’ On Top Of The World”)-1998

Patch Mit Di Hent (Clap With The Hands)-The Barry Sisters-1941

The Cantorial feature has two very nice selections by Cantor Eric Moses who is cantor of Congregation Beth Sholom in Toronto, Canada. These are from concerts which he performed there:

1. L’Dor V’Dor

2. Hinneni

Ben’s songs on the program:

Shema Koleinu-The Chevra

Yaavo-(spoof of Chris Brown’s “Forever”)-AKA Pella

Yehi Shaim Hashem-Eli Gerstner

Mehayra-Blue Fringe


Ben Bag Bag Omeir-Yaakov Shwekey

Matt rounds out the show with his song of the week, Mattisyahu’s new hit “Sunshine”. So check it all out and enjoy!! Don’t forget to forward the website to as many people as you can. Spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio!!