Hi everybody! The first of five special holiday programs is up on the net for your enjoyment. This program features music from and about the Selichos service. The special penitential prayers recited in the days leading up to Rosh Hashanah. The first one, on Saturday night, has always been a big service with great Cantorial music. On this program we feature several rare live recordings of actual Selichos services, some of which I was in!!  Hope you all enjoy and it gets you ready for the holidays!!

L’Chu Neranena-Chicago Pirchei Choir-1984

Shomer Yisroel-Reb Yankel Erblich-1992

Achas Shoalty-Cantor Sholom Katz-1960

B’Motzoei Menucha-Cantor Avi Albrecht and the Beth Tfiloh Choir-Recorded live in 2001

Hashto Bagoloh-Cantor Leibele Waldman-1956

Shema Koleinu-Cantor Benny Warshawski and Quartet-1997

Retzai Asirosom-Cantor Shabsai Ackerman and the Oscar Julius Choir-1958

L’Chu Neranena-Cantor Jeffrey Nadel and the Beth Sholom Choir. Recorded live in 1992

Chassidic Kaddish-Cantor David Kusevitzsky-1952

Misratseh B’Rachamim-Cantor Moshe Stern-1971

T’Vienu-Cantor Abraham Denburg and the B’nai Israel Choir. Recorded live in 2002

Rachmono D’Onay-Cantor Abraham Denburg and the B’nai Israel Choir, Dr. Steve Glasser, soloist. Recorded live in 2002.



Havdoloh-Sam Glaser

Lo Yaavon-Yaakov Shwekey

Shema Koleinu-The Chevra

Cry No More-Yaakov Shwekey


All in all, a great show for you to enjoy!!  Forward the website to everyone you can and help spread the word about Washington Jewish Radio and the special holiday shows with things you will not hear anywhere else!!