Hi Everybody!! The program of Sunday, November 18th is up on the net for you to enjoy!! A great mixture of the finest in vintage and modern Jewish music in a regular edition of the program. Listen and enjoy!!


Ki Kael Poel-Shema Koleinu Group-1974

Es Tzemach Dovid-Yoel and Baruch Wertzberger-1989

Melody-The Isolation Band-1982

A Griss Fun Der Trenches (Greetings From The Trenches)-1918

Mi Chomocho-Yehuda-1998

V’Hoer Eineinu B’Sorosecho-Vizhnitz Choir-1981

Shabbos Queen (spoof of the Abba hit “Dancing Queen”)-Variations-2005

Jake’s Song (spoof of the Bing and Gary Crosby hit “Sam’s Song”)-Allan Sherman-1951

Mizmor L’Todah-Safam-1996

Zug Far Vos (Tell Me Why)-Yaffa Yarkoni-1957

Hear Us Now-Tzlil V’Zemer-1997

Farbei Di Teg (Yiddish re-working of the Miriam Hopkin hit “Those Were The Days”)-David Eshet-1966

On the Cantorial Feature two great selections by the famous Cantor of Warsaw Gershon Sirota (1874-1943) who perished in the Holocaust. These were recorded in Poland in the late 1920’s and display his fabulous artistry.

1. Shomoh Vatismach Tzion

2. Ha’azinu Elokim Tfilosi



Acheinu Kol Beis Yisroel-Berry Webber

Shir Baboker Baboker-Shlomo Artzi

Gelt (Money)-Lipa Schmelczer

Halleluyoh-Gali Atari and the Milk and Honey Group

L’Hamin-Chaim Yisroel

Cry No More-Yaakov Shwekey


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