Hi Everybody!!  Here we are with another great program for you to enjoy. The program of Sunday, December 2, 2012 is up on the website!! A fine regular edition of the program that you are sure to really enjoy!!


Yehi Hachodesh Hazeh-Meir Sherman-1983

Boruch Hu Elokeinu-Michoel Streicher-1996

Eretz Shel Shemesh-Yaffa Yarkoni-1973

Yisroel, Yisroel-Aaron Lebedeff-1948

Yibuneh HaMikdosh-Belz Chassidic Choir-1984

Oy, Iz Dus A Meydeleh (Oh, What A Girl)-Miri Sorianu-1981

Learning To Dance The Hora (spoof of the Ricky Martin hit “Living The Vida Loca”)-Shlock Rock-2001

Come On A Mein Hoise (spoof of the Rosemary Clooney hit “Come On-A My House”)-1955

Hit Up Dus Bisseleh Koiach (Guard Your Little Bit Of Strength)-Reb Yankel Erblich-1995

Ogil V’Esmach-Mordechai Ben David-1982

Tantz-Avrohom Fried-1999

On the Cantorial Feature two very nice selections by Cantor Sidney Shicoff (1920-1965) a very fine Chazzan who was quite well known especially in the New York area. His career was tragically cut short when he died of a heart attack when he was only 45.  These two selections are from an album he made for the Metro Music Company in New York in 1956:

1. Ovinu Malkeinu Galei

2. Sim Shalom



Ani Ohev Otach Kol Kach-Kobe Peretz

Erev Shel Shoshannim-Carlos Sliviskin, conductor and Sabrina Shalom, vocal

Lev Tahor-Chevra

Amein-Yeshiva Boys Choir

Sherirot Shel HaChayim-Idan Rachel Project

TGIF Medley-613

Lots of great music for you to enjoy.  On the next two weeks programs will be our special programs for Chanukah with lots of great vintage and modern music to make your Chanukah even more special!!  Don’t forget to forward the website to everyone you can. We have reached over 1500 weekly visits and the program continues to grow, both on the web and over the air. We have you to thank for that!! We appreciate your support and we hope you enjoy the program every week!!