Hi Everybody!! Well, the new year of 2013 is upon now and Washington Jewish Radio has broadcast its first show of 2013 which is now up on the website for your enjoyment. A very nice program of great music on a regular edition of the show. Hope you enjoy it!!


Ko Amar-London School Of Jewish Song-1973

Yehuda Ben Taymon-Yeedle Werdyger-1996

Etmol Hayit Shonah-Shimi Tavori-1973

Yankeleh-Molly Picon-1923

Adon Olam-Shoresh-1997

Loi Sevoishi-Cantor Ari Klein-1980

Jewish Talk-Shlock Rock-2001

One Hippopotami (spoof of “What Kind Of Fool Am I”)-Allan Sherman

B’Sholom (based on “Send Him Home” from “Les Miz”)-Dudu Fisher-1989

Theme Song from “Exodus”-Jack Hilliard-1964

Mama Yo Quiero (Mother, I Love You)sung in Spanish and Yiddish by Pesachke Burstein and Lillian Lux-1949

Vehoya Bo’eis-Tzlil V’Zemer Choir-1992

On the Cantorial feature two very nice selections by Cantor Moshe Taube (born 1927). Saved by Oskar Schindler during the Holocaust, he came to America after the war and after serving in New York for a while, he went to Pittsburgh where he was Cantor of Beth Sholom of Pittsburgh for over 50 years. He lives there today in retirement.

1. Pischu Li-1973

2. Sim Sholom-1971



Shir Baboker Baboker-Gevatron

Hamalach Hagoel Oti-613

Yonah Levana-Hatikvah Shaish

Im Eshkokeich Yerushalayim-Yaakov Shwekey

One Day and Forever Young-Mattisyahu

Ni Li Mi Li (based on “Run It” by Chris Brown)-AKA Pella

A great show for you to enjoy and we hope you do! Be sure to forward the website to everyone you can and be our ambassadors. Spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio!!