Hi Everybody!! Our special Passover programming rolls on with another great program of the finest, rarest and most enjoyable music to add a special sparkle to your enjoyment of the holiday!!  Ben and I hope you enjoy it!!


V’Koreiv P’Zureinu-Shmilu Rosenberg-1982

Into The Sea (spoof of “Under The Sea” from the film “The Little Mermaids”)-Shlock Rock-1997

Pischu Li-Richard Tucker-1959

Hodu Ladoshem-Safam-1980

Four Fancy Kashes-Benny Bell-1947

Oy Der Pesach, Pesach-1960

Passover-Paul Zim-1985

Chassal Siddur Pesach-Belz Chassidic Choir-1984

Avodim Hayinu and V’Hi Sheumdo-Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky-1962

Ato Vechartonu-Leibele Haschel-1987

Let My People Go-Mordechai Ben David-1985

Chad Gadyo-Ben Zion Shenker-1975

Umipnei Chatoeinu-Cantor Aaron Caplow, long time Cantor of Temple Israel of Long Beach, Long Island for over 50 years. From a 1955 recording.

Mo Oshiv-Cantor Herman Malamood (1932-1989) Cantor of the Concord Hotel and other appearances. From a 1977 album released by the Concord Hotel.


The Plagues-from “The Prince Of Egypt”

Message from Rabbi Warren Goldstein, chief Rabbi of South Africa, with “V’Hi Sheumdo” as the background.

I’m Going To A Seder (spoof of “I Want To Be Sedated” by the Ramones)-The Shlimones

Ano Hashem-Chevra

When You Believe-Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey from “The Prince Of Egypt”.

Another great show for you to enjoy!!  Don’t forget to be our ambassadors and to help spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio by forwarding the website to everyone you can!!  It is great music that you can only hear on Washington Jewish Radio. Ben and I prepare the program with the greatest of love and affection for our listeners and we hope you enjoy it!!  Thanks for listening!!