Hi everybody! This week I’ll be telling about the show in commemoration of September 11, 2011. Unfortunately it was not broadcast over the air, due to a bad storm that knocked the transmitter for the network off the air. Then there were some delays with the server to get the show up on the net.  But leave it to Ben, he got it done so its there for you to enjoy!

The show will feature a nice Israeli Chassidic hit from the 1970’s, “V’Yirushalayim Ircho” and a great version of “Kavei El Hashem” (Hope In The Lord) from Psalm 27 now being recited every day during Elul and the Holiday season.  We’ll also have some very poignant and appropriate selections for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Among those are “Father Dear” by Mordechai Ben David, “Avinu Shebashomayim” (Our Father In Heaven), “Shomer Yisroel” (Guardian Of Israel) by Ira Heller. Also from 1960 one of the legendary voices of the last century Jan Peerce (1904-1985) and the famous Yiddish song of faith in Hashem, “A Dudeleh”.

On the Cantorial feature, two very nice selections by the late Cantor Sholom Katz (1914-1982), L’Cho Adoshem Hatzdokoh (The Lord Is Righteous) from the Slichos service and V’Al Yedei Avodecho (By The Hand Of Your Servants) from the dirge for the martyrs. Both selections with 9/11 in mind.

Ben’s selections are also appropriate for 9/11 as well:

Aneini (Answer Us)-Blue Fringe, Kol HaNeshoma (All of the Souls) by 613, Eitan Masavi and “Elokim Natan L’Cho B’Matenah (Hashem has given us a gift). The great Israeli child singer Meidad Tassa sings “Mitoch Halev” and Beri Webber’s great hit from last year, B’Eilokim B’Tachti (Have Faith In God) and the famed Argentinian Jewish conductor Carlos Sliviskin and his wife Sabrina Shalom and a lovely version of “Erev Shel Shoshanim” (Evening Of The Roses) by the famed Israeli composer Naomi Shemer.

Matt’s song of the week is a great song called “Ameinu” (Our People) by Voices for Israel,  featuring many famous Jewish artists singing together, sort of a Jewish version of “We Are The World”.

All in all a great show in commemoration of 9/11 which you will enjoy very much at any time. It also will be our last regular show as we move into our special holiday programming beginning with the show for next week, September 18th which will have music for Slichos.  Here is the schedule:

Sept. 18-Slichos, Sept.25-Rosh Hashana, Oct. 2-Yom Kippur, Oct. 9-Sukkot and Oct.16-Shemini Atzeres and Simchas Torah. Great shows coming up for the holiday season. Listen and enjoy!!

Thanks for all your support and nice comments. Back next week with more!!