Hi Everybody!! The first of five special holiday programs is up on the website for your enjoyment!! This program features music from the Slichos service, the penitential prayers recited in the days up until Rosh Hashanah. You will enjoy rare, live recordings as well as wonderful vintage and modern music. It’s a great way to get the holidays started!! Ben and I hope you enjoy it and we appreciate all your support of the program. Keep forwarding the website to everyone you can and spread the good word about the program!! Here is the line-up for this week’s special program:


L’Chu Neranena-Chicago Pirchei Choir-1982

Shomer Yisroel-Reb Yankel Erblich-1995

Achas Shoalty-Cantor Sholom Katz-1963

B’Motzoei Menucha-Cantor Avi Albrecht and the Beth Tfiloh Choir. Recorded live in Baltimore on September 8, 2001. Just 3 days before 9/11!!

Hashto Baagoloh-Cantor Leibele Waldman-1956

Shema Koleinu-Cantor Benny Warshawsky and Quartet. Recorded live at the University of Maryland on September 29, 1997.

Retsei Asirosom-Cantor Shabsai Ackerman and the Oscar Julius Choir-1958

L’Chu Neranena-Cantor Jeffrey Nadel and the Beth Sholom Choir. Recorded at the Beth Sholom Congregation, Washington, DC in September, 1992. (The shul was closed in 1994 and relocated). This was one of the last Slichos to be held there.

Chassidic Kaddish-Cantor David Kusevitzky and Choir-1952

T’Vienu-Cantor Abraham Denburg and choir. Recorded at Baltimore’s historical Lloyd Street Synagogue in 2002.

Rachmono D’Onay-Cantor Abraham Denburg and choir, Dr. Steve Glasser, tenor soloist. Also recorded at the Lloyd Street Synagogue in 2002.


Posayach Es Yadecho-Shalsheles

Shema Koleinu-Chevra

Avinu Malkeinu-Gad Elbaz

Ana Hashem-Eli Gerstner

Shema Koleinu-Lev Tahor

Chassidic Kaddish-Safam

Well, that’s line-up for this week’s program and Ben and I hope you enjoy the show!! Next week’s program will be for Rosh Hashanah, with more great vintage and modern music for the holiday. Until then, have a great week and enjoy the program!!