Just this morning, terrible news from France. The murder of a father and his little children in front of a Jewish school in Toulouse. When such tragedies occur, our mere words are so meaningless. All we can do is pray, and pray really hard that Hashem will spare us from such horror in the future.

It has always been our position that our response to such things which have, unfortunately, occurred over the 32 years I have been on the air is to play something appropriate for such a tragedy. This I will do on the next broadcast.

May Hashem console the family and may He avenge the blood of His people which has been shed. May He spare us from further sorrow.


Shabchi Yerushalayim-Neginah Orchestra and Singers-1984

Samayach T’Samach-Isaac Honig-1991

Eretz, Eretz-Ilanit-1973

Besame Mucho (sung in Yiddish)-Cantor George Wagner-1948 -A real curiosity piece!!

Chaim Shel Toivah-Gateshead Boys Choir-1989

Der Moiled Vet Zein (The Moiled Will Come)-Rabbi Seymour Rockoff-1972

Shliach Mitzvah Man (spoof of Johnny Rivers “Secret Agent Man”)-Shlock Rock-2012

Herring Boats (spoof of “Shrimp Boats”)-Mickey Katz-1955

Der Gas’n Poiker (The Street Drummer)-Dudu Fisher-1984

Avinu AvHarachamon-Vizhnitz Choir-1990- Played in memory and tribute to the Vizhnitzer Rebbe, Rabbi Moshe Yehoshuah Hager, zt’l (1915-2012) who passed away this week.

On the Cantorial Feature two famous recordings of the famed Cantor Pierre Pinchik (1897-1971) from his series recorded for Victor between 1928 and 1930:

1. Rozo D’Shabbos (The Mystery Of The Sabbath)

2.Av Harachamim (Father Of Mercy)

Ben’s selections this week are:

Acheinu Kol Beis Yisroel-Berry Webber

Hinei Ma Tov-613

Shema Yisrael-Maidad Tassa

Nafshi-Boaz Nadda

Elokim Natan L’Cho B’Matenah-Eitan Masouri

King Without A Crown-Matisyahu

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