Hi everybody! Hope you are all enjoying the program. The program of March 25, 2012 is up for your listening pleasure.  It will be the last of the regular shows for the next four weeks as we will present special holiday programming which will air as follows:

Sunday, April 1  Passover Program #1

Sunday, April 8 Passover Program #2 (Note:Due to yom tov this show will not be broadcast over the air but will be available on the website as soon as yom tov is over.)

Sunday, April 15  Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day)

Sunday, April 22 Yom HaAtzma’ut (Israeli Independence Day)-We will have a re-broadcast of our program “Israel At 50” which originally aired back in 1998 with many rare recordings documenting the re-establishment of the modern State Of Israel in 1948.

Lots of great programming for you to enjoy. Please forward the website to as many people as you can. Spread the word about Washington Jewish Radio!!



The first portion of the program is dedicated in memory of those who were killed in Toulouse, France. Ben and I share the sorrow and grief of all Jews everywhere. We send our heartfelt condolences to the families of those who were murdered:

Rabbi Jonathan Sandler-age 30 and his two children Arieh-age 6 and Gavriel-age 3 and Miriam Monsonego-age 8. Adoshem Yinkom Domom-May Hashem Avenge Their Blood

The selections on this portion of the program are:

Shivisi (A portion of Psalm 16, recited in moments of great grief)-Seymour Silbermintz Choir-1954

Shomeah Kol Bichyos (O Thou who hears the voice of weeping-from the Neilah service)-Cantor Moshe Schulhof-1995

The Lonliest Nation Of Them All-Cantor Ari Klein-1980

Mamma Rochel, Cry For Us Again-Yaakov Shwekey


Der Heisser Bulgar (The Hot Bulgar)-Naftali Brandwein-1923

Yesh Li Gan-Ofra Haza-1983

S’iz A Moderneh Velt (It’s A Modern World)-Henry Gerro-1958

Shabbos Queen (Spoof of Abba’s “Dancing Queen”)-Variations-2005

Borscht Riders In The Sky (Spoof of Vaughn Monroe’s “Ghost Riders In The Sky”)-Mickey Katz-1955

Where Is The Light-Safam-1995

Mein Veg (Yiddish reworking of Frank Sinatra’s famous “My Way”)-Barry Sisters-1973

The Cantorial Feature has two very nice selections by Cantor Moshe Teleshevsky from his very fine 1972 album. He is accompanied by the choir of the late Abraham Nadel.

1. V’Nireihu Ayin B’Ayin (For they shall see eye to eye)

2. Es Shem (They bless The Name Of The L-rd)

B’Yirushalayim-Miami Boys Choir


Good Shabbos-613

Arim Roshi-Shai Gabso

Ah Ah Ah (Ashrei)-Yeshiva Boys Choir

Hinei Ma Tov-Miami Boys Choir

Min Natar L’Mishti-Idan Rachel Project

All in all, a great timely and topical show for you to enjoy. Send us your comments and enjoy the show. Forward it to as many people as you can! Thanks again for your support!!