Hi everybody! Hope you are enjoying the Passover holiday.  The 2nd Passover show is now up on the web. Check out the program of April 8, 2012 for more great holiday music!  Here is the playlist for the show:


V’Koreiv P’Zurenu-Shmilu Rosenberg-1982

Into The Sea (Spoof of “Under The Sea” from the movie “The Little Mermaids”)-Shlock Rock-1999

Hodu LaShem-Safam-1980

Pischu Li-Richard Tucker-1958

Oy Der Paisach, Paisach-The Bursteins-1960

Four Fancy Kashes-Benny Bell-1947

Passover-Paul Zim-1985

Chassal Siddur Pesach-Belz Chassidic Choir-1983

Avodim Hayeenu and V’Hi Sheumdo-Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky-1962

Ato V’Chartonu-Leibele Haschel-1992

Let My People Go-Mordechai Ben David-1985

Pischu Li-Ben Zion Shenker-1965

Umipnei Chatoenu-Cantor Aaron Caplow-1955 (Cantor Caplow was the Cantor of Temple Beth Israel in Long Beach, New York for over 55 years)

Mo Oshiv-Cantor Herman Malamood-1977 (Cantor Malamood was the Cantor of the Concord Hotel in the Catskills for many years)


1. Oy 3X (spoof of “Yeah 3X” by Chris Brown)-David Brody

2. Dayenu (spoof of several popular songs including “Forget You” by C. Lo Green)-Fountainheads

3. Inspiring message from South Africa’s chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein set to the Yaakov Shwekey version of “V’hi Sheumdo” from the Haggadah.

4. I’m Going To A Seder-The Shlimones (Spoof of “I Want To Be Sedated” by The Ramones)

5, Passover Rhapsody (Spoof of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”)-Aish.com

More great Passover music for you to enjoy during the holiday. Don’t forget to forward the website to all your family and friends. Spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radion! Enjoy the rest of the holiday and thanks for your support!!