Hi everybody! The programs of October 14th and October 21st are up on the website for you to enjoy. Lots of great music in two regular editions of the program. Take a listen and enjoy!!


Modeh Ani-Meir Sherman-1983

Hinei Ma Tov-Miami Boys Choir-1995

Carnival-Avi Toledano-1981

Joelish Medley-Joel Grey-1960

Al Tiro Avdei Yaakov-Yisroel Williger-1995

My Little Cousin (American re-working of the Yiddish song “Di Greene Kuzina”)-Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra, Helen O’Connell, vocal-1945

The Coladas (spoof of the Rupert Holmes hit “The Pina Colada Song”)-Variations-2005

Kohain (spoof of the Sam and Dave hit “Soul Man”)-Shlock Rock-1989

Chiribim, Chiribom-Barry Sisters-1962

Mi Yaaleh-Nafsheinu-1996

V’Chulom M’Kablim-Cantor Ben Zion Miller-1977

On the Cantorial Feature, two very nice selections by Cantor Moshe Taube (born 1927) from a live concert which he did with the Beth Abraham Youth Chorale of Dayton, Ohio in 1976.

1. Kol Adoshem

2. Uvnucho Yomar

Ben’s selections on the program:

Meheira-AKA Pella

Friday Medley-613

Lev Tahor-Chevra

L’Olam B’Eikvot HaShemesh-Sherry

Ashrei-Yeshiva Boys Choir

Birshus-Yaakov Mordechai Gerstner



Tzadik Katomar-Sonnenblick, Schwebel and Scharf-1982

Mi Samayach-Mendy Werdyger-1998

Pitom Nafal Alai Aviv-Ha’achim V’Achayot-1977

My Yiddishe Momma-Tom Jones-1967

Me’ein Olam Haboh-Dveikus-1998

Mazzel-Betty Reilly-1947

The Big K’Nocker (spoof of the Big Bopper hit “Chantilly Lace”)-Country Yossi-1987

The Barber of Schlemiel (spoof of “The Barber Of Seville” by Rossini)-Mickey Katz-1958

Ah Freilach Lied (A Happy Song)-David Eshet-1964

Noah And The Ark-Safam-1976

Eiliui (Eliyahu)-Camp Shalva Choir-1988

V’Nismach-Lev V’Nefesh-1990

On the Cantorial Feature, two very nice selections by the late Bas Sheva (1925-1960) a very popular singer who was known for singing Cantorial music. These selections are from her famous 1953 Capitol album “Soul Of A People”

1. Mi Sheoso Nissim

2. Sim Sholom


Ben’s selections on the program:

Lo Ya’avod-Yaakov Shwekey

Mi Ma’akim-Idan Rachel Project

Al Ahavot Shelanu-Ofra Haza

Ois V’Yadov-Yeshiva Boys Choir

Ani Yehudi-Lenny Solomon and Ensemble

Yehay Shlomo Rabboh-Chevra


Two great programs for you to enjoy. Be sure to forward the website to everyone you can and spread the good word about Washington Jewish radio!!

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