Hi everybody!! The program of October 28, 2012 is up on the net for your enjoyment. A very nice regular edition of the program. Here is the playlist:

Adon Olam-Shmilu Rosenberg-1982

Tzadik Katomor-Srulik Herstik-1998

Habdalla Al Baruch Jamili-Shlomo Artzi and the Mrs. Apple Group-1974

Baruch Hashem-Mordechai Ben David-1996

Gin Rummy-Jacob and Betty Jacobs-1949

The Shteeble Hop (spoof of the Bobby “Boris” Pickett hit “The Monster Mash”)-1983

What Kind Of Shul Is This? (spoof of “What Kind Of Fool Am I” from the show “Stop The World, I Want To Get Off”) Rechnitzer Rejects-1985

Lech L’Cho-Safam-1978

Yismechu-Cantor Meir Finklestein-1998

Al Yad-Regesh-1996

Du Host A Liebes Punim (You Have A Lovely Face)-Al Jolson-1938

Der Poilish Yiddel (The Polish Jew)-Leo Fuld-1966

Al Zos Shibchu Anuvim-Belz Chassidic Choir-1981

On the Cantorial feature, two very nice selections by the famous chazzan Samuel Vigoda (1892-1990) who davvened around the world in a long and illustrious career, which included a stint here in Washington in the late 1930’s. He was the last surviving chazzan of the Golden Age.  The selections are:

1. Ha Shir Shel HaLevi’im-1929

2. Moron DiVishmayo-1938


Hentelach (Hands) (spoof of the Rhianna hit “Disturbia”)-613


Binyan HaSimcha (spoof of “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga)

L’Hamin-Chaim Yisroel

Gam Ki Eilech-Chevra

Acheinu Kol Beis Yisroel-Berry Webber


A great show for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to forward the website to everyone you can. Help spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio!!