Hi everybody!!  The show for Sunday November 4th is here!!  Another great show up on the net for you to enjoy. Lots of great music and lots of the kind of music you can only find on Washington Jewish Radio!! Here is the playlist:


Yevorechecho-Avrohom Fried-1984

B’Yom HaShabbos-Achim-1988

Shir Ta’amim-Gali Atari-1975

Chasidish-Samuel Gardiner-1912

Ein Kelokeinu and Aleinu-Shabbaton Choir-London-1990

Only For The Children-Safam-1978

Bring Back That Shabbos Feeling (spoof of the Righteous Brothers hit “Bring Back That Lovin’ Feeling”)-Shlock Rock-1997

Tie A Pair Of Tefillin (spoof of “Tie A Yellow Ribbon” by Tony Orlando and Dawn)-Rechnitzer Rejects-1984

Al Tiro Avdei Yaakov-Dveikus-1996

Meyerke, Mein Zun (Meyerke, My Son)-Jan Peerce-1960

Simon Tov-Mordechai Ben David-1985

Zing’zhe Alleh Yidelach (Sing All Jews)-Malavsky Family-1948

On the Cantorial Feature, two very nice selections by Cantor Ian Camissar (born 1948) who is the Cantor of the famed Gardens Synagogue of Cape Town, South Africa. These recordings are from a 1993 album:

1. Retzeh Vimnuchosaynu (Alter)

2. Ki Lekach Tov (Roitman, arr. Rumishinsky)



Lechi Loch-Debbie Friedman

Ki Maluchov-Chevra

Tov LeHodos-Shalheves Choir

Here Comes The Sun-AKA Pella

V’Zakeini-Boruch Levine

Shalom Aleichem-Mike Boxer


Another great show and we hope you enjoy it!! Don’t forget to forward the website to everyone you know. Spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio!!