Hi Everybody!! Another very nice show is up on the website for you enjoy.  Lots of great music in another regular edition of the program. We hope you enjoy it!!


Ufdiyei Hasheim-Belz Chassidic Choir-1983

Uzu Eitzo-Danny Baruch and Arie Groner-1988

Lech Lecha-The Parvarim-1973

Mazzel-The Murphy Sisters-1949

V’Koreiv P’Zureinu-Pirchei Efrat-1993

Mishshtetske Ladinu-Joey Adams-1965

Bar Mitzvah (spoof of the Carpenters hit “Top Of The World”) Variations-1998

Tennessee Freilach (spoof of the Patti Page hit “Tennessee Waltz”)-Sylvia Froos-1958

Ashrei Odom Ozloi Boch-Rabbi Menachem Irenstein from the nigunim of Rabbi Meir Shapiro, inventor of the Daf Yomi-1987

Adon Olam-Uzi Hitman (the original recording by the composer himself)-1973

Yiddisha Charleston-Klezmer Conservatory Band-1985

Oy Mama-Feder Sisters-1960

Ki Hamalchus-Dov Levine-1990

On the Cantorial Feature two very nice selections by Cantor Misha Alexandrovitch (1914-2002) a famous Cantor in his early years and then a famous concert and opera singer in the Soviet Union when the Communist government would not let him officiate as a Chazzan. In 1972 he was able to emigrate to Israel where he again became a Cantor. He later lived in the US and passed away in Germany in 2002. The two selections are from a 1972 RCA Victor album recorded in Israel shortly after his arrival there.

1. Umipnei Chatoenu

2. Yehi Rotzon Sheniskei L’Lechet


Racheim-Hazkenny Voices

Adon Olam-Yeshiva Boys Choir

Eileh Barechev-Moshe Skir Band

Sim Shalom-Hello Sid


Lev Tahor-The Chevra

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