Hi Everybody!! Another great show up on the website for you to enjoy. It reflects several things that happened in the past week. First, Tu B’Shevat, the New Year for trees. This occurred on Shabbos Shirah, the Shabbos of Song and we have music for those occasions. In addition, the world of Jewish music lost the surviving member of the famous Megama duo, Rabbi Sholom Levine, who passed away last week at the age of 61.  So lots of fine and relevant music for you to enjoy!!


Ilu Finu-Meir Sherman-1981

V’Hoyu Limshisu-Rebbe Nachman Songs-1988

Lashir Yaldah-Geula Gill-1972

The Ho Ho Song-Red Buttons-1956

Hisyatzvu-Avraham Fried-1993

My Zeidy-Megama-1980

Tu B’Shevat (spoof of the Club Med song “Hot, Hot, Hot”)-Shlock Rock-1997

Why Buy A Cow When Milk Is Cheap?-Benny Bell-1948

Tov L’Hodos-Shalheves Choir-1995

Oz Yoshir Moshe-Rabbi’s Sons-1968

Beggar Woman-Megama-1982

On the Cantorial Feature, two very nice selections by Cantor Paul Kowarsky (1951—). Born in South Africa he served there and in other countries before coming to the US in 1977 to take a position in Cincinati, Ohio. He remained there until 1980 when he moved to Toronto where he served as Cantor of one of the largest shuls in the city until 2001.  Since then he concertizes and serves a Justice in the Canadian appellate court (he is a lawyer as well). These two selections were recorded during his tenure in Cincinati in 1978.

1. Ad Heino

2. Rabbi Chananya Ben Akashya Omeir



Im Eshkokeich Yerushalayim-Chevra

Lo Ya’avod-Yaakov Shwekey

Shifchi-Pei Daled

Mi Ma’akim-Idan Rachel Project

Hinei Ma Tov-Miami Boys Choir

Good Shabbos-613

Another great show for you to enjoy and we hope you do!!  Be sure to be our ambassadors and spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio. Forward the website to everyone you can!! Help us to make the program even more popular. Enjoy the show!!