Hi Everybody!!  Another great program is up on the website for your enjoyment!  This is the last regular edition of the program before we go into four weeks of special holiday programming.  So here is the playlist for the show. Ben and I hope very much that you enjoy it!!


Es Tzemach Dovid-Meir Sherman-1985

M’Layim Ziv-Schwebel, Scharf and Levine-1996

Od Lo Ohavti-Yehoram Gaon-1980

Der Mishigeneh Leed  (The Crazy Song)-Rubin Goldberg and Company-1926

It’s Gonna Happen-Simcha Weber-1992

Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max (spoof of “Shake Hands With Your Uncle Mike”)-Allan Sherman-1962

Come Seder With Us (spoof of “Consider Yourself” from the show “Oliver”)-Shlock Rock-2012

Coney Ireland Wedding-Leo Fuchs-1950

V’Sechezena-Shmilu Rosenberg-1985

Kadesh Urchatz-Reuven Eretz-1980

Ho Lachmo Anyo-Aviva Nir-1980

Zol Noch Zein Shabbos (Let The Shabbos Linger)-Marilyn Michaels-1979

Yiboneh HaMikdosh-Martin Davidson-1977

On the Cantorial Feature, two very nice selections by Cantor Moshe Taube (1927—) famous in Pittsburgh for over the past 50 years. These two selections are from a live concert which he did with the Beth Abraham Youth Chorale in Dayton, Ohio in 1976.

1. Kol Adoshem (Psalm 29)

2. Uvnucho Yomar


Shema Hashem-The Chevra

Im Ein Ani Mi Li (spoof of the Chris Brown hit “Running”)-AKA Pella

Chuppa (Wedding) Service-Berry Webber

V’Ishay Yisroel-Eli Gerstner

Mi Shebeyrach-Debbie Friedman

Ya’alah (Yosis Alayich)-Yaakov Shwekey

Another great program for you to enjoy!  Don’t forget to be our ambassadors by spreading the good word about Washington Jewish Radio. It’s easy!!  Just forward the website to everyone you can!! It is a unique and historical presentation which Ben and I prepare with the greatest of love and affection for you, our listeners!!  Enjoy the program!!

Just for your information here is the special program schedule for the next four broadcasts:

Sunday, March 24   Passover Show #1

Sunday, March 31   Passover Show #2

Sunday, April  7       Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day)

Sunday, April 14      Yom HaAtzmaut (Israel Independence Day)

Listen and enjoy!!