Hi Everybody!! Another great program is up on the website for your enjoyment! Lots of rare and fine vintage and modern Jewish music in a regular edition of the program. Ben and I hope very much that you enjoy it!


Asher Boro-Mordechai Ben David-1980

Yehay Ravo-Gershon Veroba-1988

Eretz, Eretz-Ilanit-1978

Vus Hart Es Mich? (What Do I Care?)-The Barton Brothers-1953

Der Rebbe Hawt Geheisen Freilich Zein (The Rebbe Told Us To Be Joyous)-Rebbe Nachman’s Songs-1988

Two very nice songs for my daughter Shayna on her 15th birthday, which is today March 10th!!

1. My Mother’s Sabbath Candles-Sophie Tucker-1948

2. My Yiddishe Meydeleh (My Jewish Girl)-Jan Peerce-1964

Runaround Jew (spoof of the Dion and the Belmonts hit “Runaround Sue”)-Country Yossi-1987

Knish Doctor (spoof of “Witch Doctor”)-Mickey Katz-1958

Al Chamosayich-Tzlil V’Zemer Boys Choir-1987

Bayom Hahu-Nigunei Vizhnitz-1983

Here On This Mountain-Avi Kuntsler-1997

A Bissel Feffer, A Bissel Zaltz (A Little Pepper, A Little Salt)-Pesachke Burstein-1959

On the Cantorial Feature, two very nice selections by Cantor Kalmen Kalich (1903-1982). Born in Poland, he came to the United States in the mid-1920’s. In 1935 he became Cantor of New York’s prestigious Ohab Zedek congregation, where Yossele Rosenblatt once davvened.  He held that post until illness forced his retirement in 1981 and he passed away shortly thereafter. These two selections are from a very nice 1964 recording done for the Tikva company in New York:

1. Omar Rabi Elozor

2. Yismechu V’Malchuscho

Shiru Lo-Nachum Stark-1999


Va’ani Bechasdecho Botachti-Berry Webber

Shir Baboker Baboker-Shlomo Artzi

We’ve Got A Strong Desire (spoof of the Billy Joel hit “We Didn’t Start The Fire)-Shlock Rock

Mimkomcho-The Chevra

Yavoh (spoof of the Chris Brown hit “Forever”)-AKA Pella

Yesh B’Od Koach-Idan Rachel Project


A great show for you to enjoy!  Don’t forget to forward the website to everyone you can. Be our ambassadors and spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio!!  It is a unique and historical presentation prepared by Ben and I with the greatest of love and affection for you, our listeners.  Next week, we will have another regular edition with a touch of Passover music and then our broadcasts of March 24th and 31st will be complete programs of Passover music. Keep listening and keep enjoying!!