Hi Everybody!! Another great regular edition of the show is up on the website for you to enjoy!!  Lots of great vintage and modern Jewish music that Ben and I have put together for you. Guaranteed to get your week off to a great start!  Ben and I hope very much that you enjoy the program!!


V’eineinu Tzirenah-Avraham Fried-1982

Retzay No Vimnuchosaynu-Montreal Boys Choir-1988

Im Yipol Hakochav Sheli-Ilanit-1974

Sha, Shtil-Isa Kremer-1927

Uv’Yom Hashabbos-Samuel Sterner Choir-1945

Ivdu Et Hashem Besimcha-Danny Golan-1973

All We’ve Got Is Our Good Name (spoof of Bon Jovi’s hit “You Give Love A Bad Name”)-Shlock Rock-2012

Flying Lukshin Kugel Eater (spoof of Sheb Wooley’s hit “Purple People Eater”)-Country Yossi-1984

Lech Lecha-Safam-1978

Selection Of Hebrew Dances-Ambrose and his Orchestra-1937

Yaas-Leo Fuld-1957

Shiru Ladoshem-Craig Taubman-1989

Oy, Mama-Feder Sisters-1960

On the Cantorial Feature, two very nice selections by one of the most famous Cantors of the previous generation, Cantor Samuel Vigoda (1892-1992). After achieving success in Europe, he came to America in 1926, and quickly became one of America’s foremost Cantors. He officiated at many posts and concertized extensively. He also was a prolific writer and wrote extensively about the history of Cantorial music. He lived to be nearly 100 years old! On the Cantorial Feature two selections from a series which he recorded for Victor in the 1930’s.

1. Shir Shel Ha Leviim-1929

2. Moron Di Vishmayo-1938


Asher Boro-Shloime Dachs

Dror Yikra-Maccabeats

Lechi Loch-Debbie Friedman

L’man Achai-Chevra

Didoh Bey-Lev Tahor

Sholom Rov-Shalsheles Choir

All in all, a great show for you to enjoy!! Don’t forget to be our ambassadors-spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio by forwarding the website to everyone you can!! Also, check out our Facebook page and Youtube channel for web-exclusive content that you are sure to enjoy!!  Ben and I thank you for your support!!