Hi Everybody!!  Another great program is up on the website for your enjoyment.  A great program of the finest in vintage and modern Jewish music. Ben and I hope you enjoy it!!


Ovinu, Ov Harachamon-Jo Amar-1968

Hamalach HaGoel-Dveikus-1994

Ahava Rishonim-HaAchim v’ HaAchayot-1974

Dos Talis’l-Velveleh Rothstein-1946

Eileh Barechev-London School Of Jewish Song-1991

Mein Zindeleh (My Little Son)-Barry Sisters-1966

Into The Sea (spoof of “Under The Sea” from “The Little Mermaids”)-Shlock Rock-1998

Chicken Flickers Ball-Lee Tully-1960

Ich Vart Auf Dir (I Wait For You)-Dave Cash-1958

Ein Kelokeinu-Cantor Ralph Schlossberg-1960

Samcheim-Yossi Goldstein-1991

Djonkoya-Ben-Zion Witler-1946

B’Chu Botchi-Belz Chassidic Choir-1993

On the Cantorial feature, a very special one at that: It is dedicated in its entirety to the memory of my late mother, Roslyn Shor, of blessed memory. Her 12th yartzeit will be observed on the 25th of Shevat which is Tuesday, February 5th. A kind, caring and wonderful woman who was beloved by all who knew her. I consider it one of the great honors of my life that for 44 years I called her my mother. Born in Washington DC, February 16, 1936 and passed away in Silver Spring, Maryland on February 18, 2001. May her memory always be for a blessing. On the Cantorial feature then, two selections by her favorite Chazzan, the late Sholom Katz, who lived and davvened for many years here in Washington. He was Chazzan of our shul, Beth Sholom from 1947 to 1957 and even sang at my parents wedding!

1. L’Cho Adoshem Hatzdokoh-1948

2. Hinei Ma Tov-1963


Mimkomcho-Yaakov Shwekey

Kol HaMispaleil-Yeshiva Boys Choir

Chaverim Kol Yisroel (sung to the tune of the theme song from “Friends”)-AKA Pella

Ki Maluchov-The Chevra

V’Yishei Yisroel-Eli Gerstner

Havdoloh-Sam Glaser


Another great show for you to enjoy and we hope that you do just that!!  Be sure to spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio. Forward the website to everyone you know and be our ambassadors as the program grows and grows!! Thanks again for listening and enjoy!!