Hi Everybody!!  Another great program is up on the website for your enjoyment. A great regular edition of the program to add something special to your week!  A great mixture of vintage and modern Jewish music and Ben and I hope you enjoy it!!


Elokim Shir Chadash-Leibele Haschel-1983

Hevey Dan-Efraim Mendelson-1993

Yavoh Yom-Moti Giladi-1986

Der Oineg Shabbos-Solomon Small-1910

Ki Ish Echod, B’Lev Echod-Shloime Dachs-1998

Bei Mir Bistu Shayn-Andrews Sisters-1938

The Big K’Nocker (spoof of the Big Boppers hit “Chantilly Lace”)-Country Yossi-1981

American Lie (spoof of Don McLean’s hit “American Pie”)-Variations-1997

Tzur Mishelo-Ben Zion Shenker-1975

Dos Fideleh-David Eshet-1959

Ich Vill Zich Shpielen-Hazel Scott-1949

On the Cantorial Feature, two very nice selections by Cantor Ari Braun (1934-2011?) who was for many years the Chief Cantor of the Israeli Defense Forces and was one of Israel’s most popular Chazzanim. Two selections from various times in his career:

1. L’Keil Boruch-1974

2. V’Yirushalayim Ircho-1988


L’Cho Adoshem Hageduloh-The Chevra

B’Chatuna-Meidad Tassa

Papa Was A Rolling Stone-Sam Glaser

Sunshine-AKA Pella

Chalamot Shel Acherim-Idan Rachel Project

Baruch Hashem BaYom-Yeshiva Boys Choir

A great program and we hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio. Forward the website to everyone you can and be our ambassadors as we continue to make new friends around the world!  The program continues to grow! Thanks for listening and enjoy!!