Hi Everybody!! Another great show is up on the website for you to enjoy! Lots of great music on a regular edition of the program. The best selection of vintage and modern Jewish music and Ben and I hope that you enjoy it!!


Ki Orech Yomim-New York School Of Jewish Song-1983

Modeh Ani Lefonecho-Avraham Fried-1998

Ha Shir Al Eretz Sinai-Shlomo Artzi-1972

Bagel And Lox-Eddie “Rochester” Anderson-1949

Just Believe-Ira Heller-1992

Vi Bistu Gevain (Where Were You) Chava Alberstein-1968

On The Blatt (spoof of the Danny and the Juniors hit “At The Hop”)-Rechnitzer Rejects-1986

Faith in Hashem (spoof of the Beatles hit “A Little Help From My Friends”)-The Yeadles-1984

Simcha Gedolah-Michoel Streicher-1990

A Yur Nuch Mein Chasseneh (A Year After My Wedding)-Kapelye-1981

Kol Yisroel-Yeedle Werdyger-1993

Tantz Dus Polkeleh (Dance The Polka)-Feder Sisters-1947

On the Cantorial Feature, two very nice selections by Cantor Johnny Gluck (1948-1985). One of South Africa’s finest Chazzanim, his career was tragically cut short when he died of cancer at the age of only 36 years old. I had the chance to meet and sing with him and he was very impressive! He was at the time of his passing, the Cantor of the famous Wolmarans Street Shul of Johannesburg.

1. Ad Heino-from a 1982 album produced in South Africa.

2. Uvnucho Yomar-live recording from a concert here in Washington in February of 1984. He is accompanied by the Beth Sholom Choir of which I was a member.


Higiyah Hazman Ha Geulah-Aaron Rozell


L’Olam B’Eikvot HaShemesh-Sherry

Al Ahavot Shelanu-Ofra Haza

V’Shomru-Blue Fringe

Hinach Yafeh-Idan Rachel Project

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