Hi Everybody!! Our special program for Purim is up on the website for you to enjoy! Ben and I wish you A Happy Purim, Chag Samayach and A Freilichen Purim. You will enjoy this program of the finest in vintage and modern music for Purim. The kind of program to add a special sparkle to your enjoyment of the holiday and the kind of program that only Washington Jewish Radio can bring to you. So listen and enjoy!!


Al Hanisim-Amudai Shaish Boys Choir-1978

Queen (spoof of Taylor Swift’s “Mean”)-Shlock Rock-2012

Ani Purim-Israeli Childrens Choir-1980

Yom Tov Lanu-Oznat Paz-1980

Ah Git Purim, Yidden!-Kapelye-1981

Chag Purim-Jack Elliot Orchestra and Chorus-1960

Purim Song-Cantor Moshe Ganchoff-1952

Purim-Paul Zim-1985

Purim In Story And Song-Rabbi Robert Schenkerman-1958

Shoshannas Yaakov-Ruach-1975

Achashveirosh (spoof of “Amadeus” by Falco)-Shlock Rock-1987

Purim Parade-Safam-1976

Layehudim Oyso Orah-Ben Zion Shenker-1980

Purim-Ray Middleton-1954

Al Hanisim-Mordechai Ben David-1975

Der Heilige Purim (The Holy Purim)-Ludwig Satz-1923

3 selections from the Yiddish show “The Megilla of Itzak Manger” starring the Bursteins and taken from the 1958 soundtrack album:

1. Der Fetter Mordechai Heist (Uncle Mordechai says)

2. Chiribim

3. L’Chayim


Hello-The Book Of Purim (spoof of “The Book Of Mormon”)-Hebrew Union College Israel Program

Purim Song (spoof of “Raise Your Glass” by Pink)-The Maccabeats

U’Mordechai Yatza Lifnei HaMelech-Jeremy Gaisin

Groggers Up (spoof of “Bottoms Up” by Nicki Minaj)-Young Israel of Toco Hills

Haman Rap-Matt Barr

Purim Night (spoof of Michael Jackson’s “Black Or White”)

All-Shushanian (spoof of “All-American” from the show “Book Of Mormon”)-Hebrew Union College Israel Program

A great program to add to your Purim celebration!  Don’t forget to help us spread the good word about Washington Jewish Radio. Forward the website to everyone you can. Our program is growing steadily and we appreciate your help in making that happen!!  Ben and I are making new friends around the world and we appreciate the listeners support. Enjoy the program!!