Hi Everybody!!  Another great show is now up on the website for you enjoy!  Lots of great vintage and modern Jewish music on a regular edition of the program.  Ben and I hope very much that you enjoy it!!


Chassidic Medley-Shelley Lang-1982

Chaveirim Kol Yisroel-Shloime Dachs-1996

Umatok Ha’Or Baenayim-Sassi Keshet-1971

El Judio Rumbero (The Jewish Rhumba)-Carlos Vaera’s Havana Orchestra-1948

Mizmor Shir L’Yom HaShabbos-Camp Shalva Choir-1993

Di Mame Iz Gegangen-Theodore Bikel-1958

Yerushalayim (spoof of the Turtles hit “So Happy Together”)-Variations-2005

Sheldon, Sheldon, Sheldon-Lou Jacobi from the album “The Yiddish Are Coming”-1967

Zeh Hayom-Miami Boys Choir-1993

Moshe Rabbeinu beim Barg Sinai (Moses at Mount Sinai)-1956

Tzur Mishelo-Ben Zion Shenker-1974

Yukel Mit Zein Ukelele (Yukel with his ukelele)-Aaron Lebedeff-1926

Mosai Timloch B’Tzion-Pittsburgher Nigunim-1988

On the Cantorial feature, two very nice selections by one of the leading Cantors in the world today, Cantor Moshe Shulhof, from a 1983 recording.

1. Kodosh from the Musaf Kedusha. Composition of the famed composer Issak Dunievsky (1900-1955)

2. Retzei Vimnuchoseinu

V’Yirushalayim Ircho-Duo Reim and Gali Atari-1975


Thank You, Hashem-Berry Webber

Eilecho-The Chevra

Eishes Chayil-Yaakov Shwekey

Kol HaNeshoma-613 & Pei Daled

Min Hor L’Mishte-Idan Rachel Project

Yufyefissa-AKA Pella

Another great program for you to enjoy!! Don’t forget to forward the website to everyone you can and be our ambassadors, spreading the good word about Washington Jewish Radio.  Ben and I are most appreciative of all the support you give us.  So listen and enjoy.

This week, a major milestone was reached with your help.  We passed 4,000 hits in one week on the website. We really appreciate all the support. You know, Ben and I prepare the show each week for you with the greatest of love and affection for our listeners!! Enjoy the show!!